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Each morning our chefs ignite our Josper oven. The fire that lights the coals also symbolically ignites our passion and enthusiasm. The heat inside the Josper represents the sense of urgency with which we work. We are proactive. We take initiative. We move throughout the restaurant with purpose and awareness. Our commitment to always grow our knowledge helps us burn hotter, brighter and longer like oxygen does for fire. The more knowledge we have about our craft the bigger our flame. The Josper maintains its heat throughout the day and night, for each and every guest and so do we.


We strive to bring impactful, memorable flavor into all that we do! Our food, our drinks and our service should have spice, flavor and flair from start to finish. It starts with our scratch kitchen where we cook inspired, homemade comfort food that delivers the spicy and smoky undertones of flavor the Josper provides. Craft beer, premium spirits, innovative recipes and techniques has our bar bringing flavor that rivals our kitchen. Whether cooking a signature dish or preparing a specialty cocktail, our attention to detail ensures that we provide consistency in all that we do.


At Red Heat Tavern each and every guest is a friend. We welcome them into our restaurant as you would a friend into your home. We are excited and happy to see them. We smile; we learn names and want to get to know them. We help them select food and drinks that we are confident they will enjoy. We not only customize, but also personalize our service through fun, casual interactions. We say please and thank you. We understand the importance of teamwork, its impact on our guests and team members alike. By treating each other and our guests with respect we create an environment of hospitality that is distinct and helps us to deliver memorable dining experiences. Our goal is to be our guest’s first choice to eat, drink and socialize.


Kim G. 

"I love working at Red Heat because we’re one huge family, everyone goes out of their way to help each other out. From staff members to supervisors and management, everyone is on the same team!"

Sarah H

"I love working with team members that are equally as passionate as myself."

Megan M

"My love for craft beer and our diverse beer program and constantly rotating draft list make RHT a beer lovers dream job."

Benefits of joining our Team

health insurance • paid vacations • creative fresh food • employee discounts and meal programs • upbeat place to work and grow • great fun • full and part time positions • flexible scheduling • positive and professional work environment 


We promise to persevere – to work hard and work smart in achieving results. We will be respectful, optimistic and hopeful. We will strive to be positive in our beliefs about ourselves, others and the future. We will be influential and we will be kind. We will be stellar in our service and gracious in our ways. We will say thank you. We are committed to the promise of excellence in anticipating, meeting and exceeding the needs of our dining guests. We aim to inspire. We promise to be the difference. We will be the reason they come back.